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       Hello, welcome, and thank you kindly for coming to this website. While I would much prefer to speak to you in person (face to face communication is the greatest of all social networks), I greatly appreciate your interest and warmth. My adventures in the entertainment business have been many in my shorter life; too many to even remember and certainly too many to regale one with here. Regardless, I first found my love of performing at a very young age and was already getting paid for my raw talent in my late teens. I have since diligently cultivated my craft and have performed on each coast with several stops in the middle. I have even been within mere inches of my idealized dream coming true. Home and my heart, however, will always be in Cleveland, Ohio.


        I continue to pay my dues and strive for our collective ideology of success to this day. While it has not provided me, as of yet, with the physical fortunes other entertainers have become accustomed to; it has given a chance for my soul to breathe and to extend the love for what I do to others amidst many diverse settings. When, on the occasion, I see the breath and love caught by you the audience, the rewards, while immaterial, are immeasurable to me.


          I truly feel our country is at an all-time, stagnant low when it comes to music and entertainment. I believe it is our duty to fight for the betterment of it. I, genuinely, can only sing what I feel and understand. Though not exclusively, much is from the Great American Songbook. It gives me boundless pleasure to croon these exceptional songs and even more when I see the memories they invoke come alive in your eyes. I also relish the opportunity to introduce others to the beautiful music that once was and still can be if we the people would demand for it.


         To make a long note short (Too late?), I wanted to extend another and most meaningful thank you for taking your precious time to read this and to support me in this vexing profession. I will continue to try and update the site as often as possible, but this new technology-driven world seems no place for a man, a soul, and his music. With your help, music can be about music once again and the world can sway accordingly.



        All of  my best and brightest,


                                                       Phil Turk

A  Personal Manifest

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